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What is Helivac?

Immediate response emergency medical evacuation service saves valuable time

In the event of an accident, the difference between life and death can be mere seconds. You need an emergency medical service (EMS) that can react instantly, provide you with on site medical attention and transport you safely and quickly to a suitable medical facility.

Helivac provides South Africa’s first subscriber-driven, advanced medical rescue product that dispenses with the need for medical aid subscription or authorisation.

By eliminating a medical aid risk assessor from the process, Helivac can guarantee that there are no delays in getting your or your loved ones the medical attention you require.

Time saves lives, HELIVAC saves both

What is Helivac?
Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising affordable air medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state of the art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC or 082 911 and our service providers.
  • Nationwide Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Care
  • 24HR Medical Call Centre
  • Transportation by a complete network of ambulance, paramedics as well the HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service)
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Panic Button with Location Based Software(2011)
  • An Extensive Loyalty Program(2011)


Why Helivac is your ideal airborne emergency medical service provider


Helivac has extensive nationwide coverage to save your life:

  • By saving time
  • Through unparalleled medical care
  • Within your financial means
  • Without authorisation from others.
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  1. Hannes Coetzee permalink
    May 15, 2011 9:09 am


    I am iterested. What is the requerements and what does it cost.



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