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Critical care transportation via helicopter nationwide
  • Nationwide Pre Hospital Emergency Medical Care
  • 24HR Medical Call Centre
  • Transportation by a complete network of ambulance, paramedics as well the HEMS (Medical Helicopter Service)
  • Trauma Counseling
  • Panic Button with Location Based Software(2011)
  • An Extensive Loyalty Program(2011)
  • State of the art, medically dedicated helicopters
  • Flight services delivered by Netcare 911 and Red Cross AMS
  • Experienced and medical evacuation orientated flight crew
  • Rapid airborne response times
  • In-flight care and monitoring
  • In-house specialist knowledge of receiving hospital capabilities
  • Scene to hospital-door service, with doctor to doctor hand-over
  • Hi-tech mapping and communication systems
  • Real time tracking and monitoring of aircraft for increased safety
  • Rapid, efficient and accurate dispatch
  • Dedicated flight desk and personnel

  • Advanced paramedics
    • Specialists in pre-hospital care
    • Rescue, stabilise and treat patients in the pre-hospital setting

FLIGHT doctors and advanced paramedics require:

  • Two years post graduate experience with the following courses –
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support™
  • Advanced / International Trauma Life Support™
  • Aviation Health Care Provider™
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support™
  • SA CAT OPS 138 and ground school compliance

In addition doctors are required to attend to ten priority-one patients, in the pre-hospital setting, with an experienced paramedic prior to being considered for flight crew applications.

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