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Helivac’s evacuation and rescue service provides a one-stop emergency medical solution
Helivac’s primary goal is to provide accident or trauma victims with an unsurpassed round-the-clock advanced emergency rescue service. Access to a countrywide network of ambulances, medical evacuation helicopters and highly experienced medical teams puts Helivac at the forefront of EMS service delivery.In addition to its extensive road coverage, Helivac specialises in delivering aviation trained doctors, paramedics together with advanced medical equipment to the scene of an emergency by helicopter in order to treat and then medically transport a seriously ill or injured patient to a trauma centre where trained trauma counsellors deal compassionately and expertly with victims.

HELIVAC MEDICAL HELICOPTER SERVICES has become a nationwide, one-stop emergency medical solution that saves lives by saving time and provides unparalleled medical care and experience.

In its infancy HELIVAC MEDICAL HELICOPTER SERVICES was created to fill a gap in the currently under-serviced emergency air rescue segment of South Africa’s emergency services. Today HELIVAC MEDICAL HELICOPTER SERVICES is an air emergency service concept that is unique to South Africa:

  • It requires no medical aid or authorisation
  • It place your life in the hands of a medical professional NOT a financial risk manager
  • It is partnership focused
  • It is subscriber driven (a South African first)
  • It is growing the largest fleet network in South Africa through its service providers
  • It has a national footprint
  • It is 100% pre-paid, so there are no hidden costs.

Helivac uncompromisingly addresses the current South African EMS situation and its present problems, and will continue to identify and address areas of improvement and contribution to South African EMS nationwide.

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