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Helivac and ASG partners to make cycling events safer

August 10, 2012

Helivac’s recent success and influence in saving lives has led to top cycling organisers ASG Events to team up with Helivac. ASG Events’s business include ownership and management of Cyclingnews – an established cycling magazine reaching 15 000 readers a month – as well as organizing top cycling events such as the Emperors Palace Cycling Classic, Silverstar Mountain Bike Challenge and the Rhodes Extreme, amongst others.

 ASG Events and Cyclingnews have seen the importance of helping racers who crash at these events as fast as possible, and that has led to a partnership between Helivac and ASG Events.

Helivac is renowned for its superior medical service and ability to assist in the shortest possible time. In the instance of an accident, the difference can be mere seconds, according to JP van Tonder, CEO of Helivac.  Helivac’s main goal is to provide accident victims with a superior, round-the-clock medical service.  In the event of a crash at one of these cycling races, Helivac’s service of providing emergency staff and doctors with advanced medical equipment to a scene of emergency via a helicopter could lead to lives being saved or injuries being treated before it is too late.

 Wynand de Villiers, organizer of these events at Cyclingnews, said Helivac’s superior service makes the race organisers feel at home because they know in the instance of a severe crash the victims would be in good care. “The response time of the helicopter distinguishes us from other races, because when a life-threatening situation arises, we know an injured person can get the right care in an instant,” said de Villiers about ASG Events and Cyclingnews’ partnership with Helivac and its partner MMC Event Medical Specialists. “In addition, MMC Event Medical Specialists, Helivac’s partner at the races, is the best medical assistance company in the country. We are fortunate to have such partners.”

Helivac enables doctors and emergency personnel to respond to victims within the “golden hour”. The “golden hour” is the first 60 minutes after an emergency, and it is widely believed that medical treatment within that first hour will lead to greater chances of survival. Helivac recruits and employs only the highest qualified and most experienced personnel that meet specific in-house and aero-medical specialist criteria.

Helivac’s airborne teams consist of highly experienced and qualified pilots, trauma doctors and advanced paramedics. Additional emergency personnel include on-call neo-natal nurses and the latest and most advance medical equipment.  Helivac also employs dedicated flight desk personnel, enabling rapid, efficient and accurate dispatches.

 With our affordable membership fees, any South African can afford to subscribe to this service at R99 per month, or R149 per month for a family membership.

For more information on Helivac’s offerings, please contact Helivac on

             Time saves lives, Helivac saves both.

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