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Robert Hunter’s Stage 14 Diary post and we have a Winner!

July 16, 2012
Stage 14, Sunday the 15th July, was 191 km from Limoux to Foix. Highest point being 1517 metres…… definitely a mountain stage.
With the race about hitting the next big test in the Pirinees, it was always going to be a break away to fight for the stage. Most of the GC riders have their minds focused on the big mountains that way.With the only 2 challenges coming in the final part of the day, the break was allowed a good 15 minutes advantage most of the time.

On the first big climb every body rode tempo as the gradients were not to hard.

The second climb on the other hand proved to be a true test with a narrow road that was only as wide as a car and parts that were over 14%.Sagan had made his way into the break and was making sure that the green jersey was going to be on his shoulders till Paris. A stage like this where he gains a lot of points (and all competitors not gaining a single point) is how the Green is decided and sealed up tight.

It’s a pretty sure thing unless he abandons.The climbers like Sanchez tried to distance Sagan right away on the climb but the tenacious 23 year old fought hard and surprised everybody by cresting the climb in front of most. In the down hill the group of 5 had split but finally all got back together with about 10kms left to race.

In a group with Sanchez; Casar; Gilbert; Sagan; and Izaguerre- I really thought a few attacks would be made before the race was won.

It only took one in fact by Sanchez. He quicky gained a minute and took the stage.
I think with Sagan (the clear fast rider in the group), the other guys were thinking that he would make sure nobody rode away or at least try chase a few people. He never did. Looking at it- he already has 3 stages, he just needed the points. So 2nd or 1st was the same for him.The main group hit the climb and with an acceleration- Evans quickly had the group down to 20 riders.

It was the downhill that proved to be a problem.
Some IDIOT had thrown tac’s or drawing pins across the road and about 30 riders punctured. Many of them were GC riders like Evans. The Yellow Jersey and the others decided to wait and rightfully so, it is never a good thing to take advantage when others have misfortune.

The only rider who tried to go was Rolland but he was taught a lesson when 2 teams brought him back. I’m sure the whole front group told him what an idiot he was!

A friend of mine asked what kind of idiots would do such a thing. I thought about it for a second and replied. Don’t tell me you never as a kid tried the same stuff and thought it was funny while hiding behind a tree to see the mess you caused?

As stupid and crazy as it can be there is always some person who thinks it’s a joke. I doubt it even crossed their mind that it could be dangerous or life threatening to the riders. Let’s just be glad nobody was hurt too badly except for Kiserlovski who had a broken Collar bone.


Time saves lives, Helivac saves both!
“Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising affordable air medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state of the art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC (South Africa)”
Oh yes, before we forget…. Helivac had a competition with all their twitter followers, prize being a South African Garmin Sharp Barracuda Shirt signed by Robbie Hunter himself. 
The winner is @jedconerly
(Promise to be in contact soon soon!) 
The competition continues with another winner being drawn on Sunday. So keep following our tweets, and getting your fans to become our fans!
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  1. July 16, 2012 9:25 am

    Eish!! Pipped in the sprint for the jersey….. But will keep going for next jersey on offer. Congrats lucky man @jedconerly!!!

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