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First Aid Basics: “Dealing with a broken bone”

July 11, 2012

For many of us, a broken bone has never been experienced. We often worry that we will not actually know what a broken bone looks or feels like when it comes to our children, and more often then not have been led to believe that the only time you are suffering from a broken bone- is if you can not move that particular area.

Not true however.

Yes, the individual may be lying in an unnatural position or may have an open wound; however the person may just have bruising, pain and swelling, and in fact be able to move that limb or even stand on it.

If you are unsure, seek medical advice, as often a fracture; sprain; or strain can only be determined once an x-ray has been taken.

When you believe that a bone may be broken, SUPPORT the injury with your hand or other items such as clothing or a cushion to prevent unnecessary movement.

(This may also give some pain relief, while preventing further damage.)

If you can, place soft padding (clothing or blankets) around the limb to align it, but do not force it.

Continue to support the injury until a paramedic or doctor has treated you.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If a bone looks dislocated, do not try to put it back into place- leave this to the professionals. You may cause further damage.
  • Just because a person may be able to move their limb or stand on it, does not mean that they may not be suffering from a broken bone. If an injury causes pain and discomfort and symptoms do not improve, seek medical advice.

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