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Robert Hunter’s Stage 8 Diary Post…’from the couch”

July 8, 2012

Stage 8: Belfort – Porrentruy 157.5km

The first of the Mountain stages , There’s no summit finish but there are seven climbs in just 157km and the last three all have very testing sections

So I think that today will probably be one of the most exciting days of this year’s Tour.

After yesterday’s race and lots of GC riders thinking today was going to be an okay day- hard sure, but not a GC day… Jurgen Van DenBroek put the hammer down on the last climb of the day and changed all of that.

A few guys who were dropped yesterday, made it today like Schleck but the opposite results for Taramae who was 4th after yesterday in GC and today was hammered.

It was always going to be a really hard stage for everybody.

The stage was full of climbs nothing really longer than 6km’s. Sounds easy but this actually makes for more problems than the really long climbs. Most of the time because everybody rides beyond their limits to stay in the group and they never give up! On the big climbs groups form and its easier to handle. Then only a 150 odd Kilometres and everybody also thinks it’s an “easy” cause it short.

Shows how short most bike riders memories are- every race we do the short stages are the hardest and it’s the riders who make it that way. The night before a stage every one of the guys will be saying how hard it’s going to be and most people will be attacking blah blah blah. But the stage starts and the very riders who bitch and moan are the ones giving it everything they have and doing the attacking. Some people just don’t get it and never will!

It definitely makes it good for the fans though!

Can’t say I was totally unhappy today sitting on my couch… Honestly, even if I had of managed to get through yesterday’s stage (which I could never have with my back), today- I had no chance. The way you race on a day like today, having to use your whole body, giving every thing you got- means using your back legs, arms on the mountains, out of corners and a lot more. I could not do that- so there was no way to carry on.

The weather in Swiss was pretty good as you could see on the TV and Summer in Switzerland is a great place to be! I’ll definitely be enjoying my days off the bike and be trying to work on my tan next to the pool.

For those that are interested and might not have noticed today, I will be tweeting on behalf of Helivac using @helivacems, live through out the TDF stages- giving you my thoughts and opinions as and how it unfolds. So make sure to go on and follow @helivacems on Twitter.

First thing though is an MRI tomorrow to see what’s up, hoping I don’t need a back brace…….Till tomorrow.
Ps was good to see Christian van der Velde finishing in the 2nd group. I think if he never had the crashes he had, he would have been in the top 10 right now….as for Ryder he would definitely have been there. Such is life!


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Ellie permalink
    July 8, 2012 5:37 pm

    Best wishes for the MRI. Do you cover lower legs, arms to balance tan lines out by the pool? Serious question actually from an esthetic point of view.

    • Robbie hunter permalink
      July 9, 2012 7:48 am

      Hi there, lol, No I don’t try get rid of the tan it’s been there for 20 years so I’m used to the strange looks

  2. Rory Harrop permalink
    July 8, 2012 5:53 pm

    Break a leg tomorrow with the MRI, hope it is not as bad as it feels !

  3. July 8, 2012 7:58 pm

    thank you Robb! we’ll keep enjoying your commentary . good nutrition, a bit of rest and hopefully your vertebrae heal up in time.
    by the way I would so love a tweet or follow from you, t’would be brilliant!
    over & out from Michigan, USA

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