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Just a little chuckle from Robbie…. something before today’s stage

July 4, 2012
Just a few sentences that Robbie thought about, after sending his blog post last night….. awesome to see that these cyclists are all pretty real (and hilarious) when off their wheels.
So at the dinner table Dave Z came up with some great medical advise for Tommy D who has hurt or seperated his shoulder or AC joint or “something to that effect”.

Anyways, we sitting there and Tommy D is telling us it that it hurts like hell but the hospital cleared that nothing was/is broken.

After a few seconds DZ pipes up (all very serious) and says ” Hey Tommy D, here is what you have got to do to sort that problem out. Go back to your room, rent a movie called Lethal Weapon 1 (Mel Gibson was the main actor), and go smash that arm properly against a wall. It will definitely put it back in place- no problem. Worked for him”

We were in pieces. Where does that even come from?

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  1. Rory Harrop permalink
    July 5, 2012 7:00 am

    That confirms it….these guys are NOT MORTAL.

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