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Day 2 from Robbie Hunter

June 29, 2012
Day 2 of Our Champion’s dairy post is here! It’s reading that gets your tummy into a knot, and all excited! It also makes us feel very patriotic. All teary eyed to be honest. Here we go…..
So today turned into a hurry up and wait day.

Training was delayed cause some of our super stars on the team had some media stuff to do. I just took it easy and lounged around in the room till 11am when we finally got on our bikes.

We were supposed to do a double training of Road bike first and then some efforts on the TT bikes.

The road bike was all good and did and an hour and a half just steady riding.

My new P5 has been a work in progress since yesterday lunch so I was certain it would have been ready by training today.

It wasn’t! I ended up going out on the old P4 and did our thing with some efforts. By the time I was done I had had enough of riding on the Belgium road and the traffic but I still needed to get the P5 tuned in.

I ended up setting it up on the Lemond Revolution Trainer and started messing around.
That took ages as well but an hour later it was or so it seems sorted. (I’ll know tomorrow when I use it in the road.)

Anyways, being the Presentation day things are usually a bit of a pain.

Lunch was rushed and so was massage cause we had to leave by 3:45pm to head to Liege for the festivities.

As tradition with the TDF there is always a riders meeting with TDF organizers- so that was up first and foremost.

It’s pretty much almost the same every year and we get told the rules and regulations, the do’s and don’t’s according to them.
We also had a run down video of last year’s tour where I guess they are trying to get us all hyped up and motivated. It was filled with stage winners, crashes, yellow jersey and a whole lot of interesting moments of last year’s Tour.
(Funny how the most spectacular crash of the TDF 2011 was when Johnny Hoogerland got him self some permanent Barbed wire tattoos on his legs courtesy of a TDF vip car that crashed him.
This they never showed, wonder why?)
So when that was done we had another 45 minute wait and sat in our bus till the presentation was ready for our team.

I must say having been at a few team presentations over the years (ok not as much as Goerge Hincapie at 18 but 9 for me is a decent number none the less), I was a bit let down. There were not as many people as you normally see at the start of the Tour. I am pretty sure thought it will be made up on the weekend cause the belgium nation just love cycling. (Seems just not on a thursday night.)

An hour drive back to the hotel and it was dinner time and finally a bit of relax. (Well that’s what I thought.)
Along the way DZ found out his number for the TDF is #69. So firstly you have to understand his fixation with this number. Over the years he has always wanted this number but never managed to get it. He has been in the sixties before and low 70’s but 69 has always eluded him and he has always been “like the day I get that ………”

Just before we got onto the stage Christian told him and I think he almost peed his pants with excitement. I have not seem him this happy since we been here. He was like a Kid at christmas.

Anyways, he was all happy in the hotel and decided to Moon someone out the window just “cause he can” and he was happy.
Turns out just cause you are number #69 not everybody wants to see your butt!

It turned interesting real fast…… I can honestly say- I doubt he will do that again. Like he said ” lesson learned”.

Other things for the day: I got my new Giro helmet today for the sprint stages. A.K.A Tony Hawk helmet. It looks so much like a skater helmet or even a rock climbing one. But hey, who am I to argue? The “science guys” say it is so fast when you sprinting you just can’t lose.

I’ll keep you posted.
But I’m figuring- if I was the only guy who had one I’d be winning a lot. BUT there are about 20 guys who are going to ride with these new helmets. So some one is bound to be a loser? Right? Kind of defeats the purpose of a “helmet that you can’t lose with” or am I wrong?

Oh yea, by the way I am pretty proud to be riding the TDF with the National colors as the SA champ for the first time ever!


We are super super proud too! 
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  1. June 29, 2012 7:49 am

    Interesting..:) Good luck Robbie !

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