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Race 1 of the Helivac Time Trial

June 26, 2012

Helivac held their first round of six Road Cycling Time Trials, yesterday the 24th June 2012. To say it was cold, would have been mild. For South African standards, it was freezing! (See the evidence in the photos below… amount of photoshop could have made it seem warm.)

This made it tough, not only for the riders (serious hard core individuals) but for their supporters on the side lines. At least we had some great locals catering with enough exotic flavored coffee and hot chocolate on hand. That followed with the home made rusks and biscuit snaps made an awesome morning snack while everyone prayed for the sun to show.

To take part in this series (because we know many of you want to) you will need to compete in  4 of the 6 races lined up, so you still have plenty of time to start preparing and getting that entry form completed. The races are running monthly- next one being the 29th July 2012, and the Total Prize Money for each Category is R15,000.

To enter or even just read more about it please see this link:

A Time Trial race is a very TRUE indicator of how you are doing as a rider. With no help from fellow riders, and merely your own determination, guts and strength, it is a great way to start measuring yourself.

Results were as follows:

Ame Venter with a time of 41min 39sec

Andri Coetzee with a time of 1hr 13min 54sec

Mens- 40km
David van Straaten with a time of 1hr 05min 19sec
Deon Potgieter with a time of 1hr 10min 53sec

Vets 40-49- 20km
Jacob Tromp with a time of 33min 59sec
Marius Venter with a time of 34min 09sec

Vets 50 plus- 20km
Robert Wilkie with a time of 30min 48sec
Wendole Bole (on a Track bike) with a time of 32min 05 sec

Marcel de Lange/Ronel van Straten with a time of 1hr 07min 14sec

Of course thanks go to CG Cycling, The Officials that worked at the event, Midvaal Traffic Department, DOITNOW Magazine, 32GI, the Caterers, MMC Medical as well as the riders (Most importantly) for their dedication on the day.

Looking forward to a great Series with many exciting moments ahead!!

(Riders please do visit our Facebook page: to tag yourself in the photos)

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