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The HELIVAC MMC Medical Duathlon Champs 13th May

May 4, 2012

 New Release – 2 May 2012

The Joburg City Duathlon is nearly upon us as it takes place on Sunday 13 May at Germiston Aquatics Club, Germiston.

The fast course of the well-established and famous Joburg City Triathlon Series, the biggest series of its kind in Africa will be used for the Central Gauteng Triathlon (CGT)and Gauteng North Triathlon (GNT) Duathlon Champs over the run/bike/run disciplines.

The event will cater from ages 8 years up until 60+ over various distances. This event will be the selection for the CGT and GNT Duathlon teams to take part at SA Duathlon Champs in Cape Town in June 2012.

We are proud to announce that Helivac MMC Medical will be partnering with Mayhem Sports and Joburg City Duathlon to make the event possible.

The Helivac MMC Medical Joburg City Duathlon will attract 400 of SA’s top and most enthusiastic athletes on the morning to the fastest course in Gauteng, if not South Africa.

With a full closed course, Race Director and MD of Mayhem Sports, Gavin Grobbelaar says that the partnership with Helivac and MMC adds so much value to the event through expert assistance and technical assistance. “Whether be their top class EMS teams or the experienced bike marshals, the two companies definitely goes a long way to ensuring our event happens and is of the highest standard.”

The race is Triathlon South Africa (TSA) sanctioned and International Triathlon Union (ITU) sanctioned and complied with all safety laws and regulations.

Mayhem Sports is one of just two companies who hosts triathlon events in South Africa with bike and run course fully closed to traffic. “Once again this is made possible not only by EMPD but also Helivac. Safety is our top priority and number one concern. I am responsible for athletes’ lives so absolutely no chances or short cuts are taken,” says Grobbelaar.

The day will be filled with action and fast racing with SA’s top athletes both Elite and Age Group. The event is also open to the public, so if you have a helmet, a bike and some running shoes feel free to come along and join in the action. For more information about the event visit


Duathlon consists of a run, cycle and run again all complete in succession with what is termed as transition in between each leg.

This is the winter version of Triathlon which consists of Swim, Cycle and Run.

People often under estimate the level of difficulty and fitness levels required for Duathlon. Having to complete a second run off the bike will always take its toll on the legs due to the repeat of the run leg, though often shorter than the first. Having to maintain a high pace using the same muscles that struggled to recover from the fast-paced run and a transition to bike will always put the athlete into the red.

A great way to keep multisport fit in the Triathlon season is to compete in Duathlon races. This will always keep your “running toughness” and “race sharpness” in range for the summer month when Triathlon rolls around again.

Duathlon is a highly competitive sport at International level and attracts large numbers to world Champs every year, which is where many athletes racing at the Helivac MMC Medical Joburg City Duathlon Champs will be pushing their slimits to qualify for.

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