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Helivac Assist

August 25, 2011

Helivac Assist provides paramedics with swift and essential patient information based on any number of personal items belonging to the member, such as an ID book, cell phone number or car registration plate.

The software works when the member uploads personal information online at via the “Login Page”.

This information is available to the emergency services arriving at the scene either by contacting the call centre or by a link via their Blackberry Smartphone. “Helivac Assist does not only save vital minutes in attending to the victim, it also provides additional relevant information, which includes; photographs for easy identification, medical aid details, allergies and next-of-kin details.” All of this information could be vital in saving time and lives!

To register on the system as a Helivac member or to keep your details updated please follow the quick and easy steps below Logon to

If your not registered on the site please follow instructions below:

Click not Registered Use your e mail address and your membership number # to register. ( use a password you wont forget) Once you registered go straight back in and “login”

From here you can update all your details

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