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Helivac Bike Marshals

May 6, 2011

What to say about the Helivac Bike Marshals ??

Caring! Passionate! Energetic just to mention a few.

As a passionate cyclist for many years I have been involved with many hair razing incidents. Silly Crashes in the peloton, cyclists having heart attacks, but probably the scariest of them all, motor vehicles driving into the bunch and causing serious injuries or even fatalities.

Then the new evil started to raise its head, “Bike Jacking’s” what the hell!! Here you are, huffing and puffing up the hill, thinking of the coke you are about to have (or even the slice of carrot cake) and suddenly you are fighting for survival. Why, because the criminals have decided it’s far easier to steal bicycle then a car.

Now your time on the bike is not just physical exercise but now tactical to. Where can I ride?, when can I ride?, analyzing the dude next to the roads agenda before you get to him!

This introduced Helivac to a group of guys and girls with nicknames like “Stan the Man” and “Jasper” just to name a few. A passionate, energetic and caring group of people. Let me put it to you this way, to get up at 5 to go and train as a cyclist is hard enough, especially in Winter, these guys and girls get up to come and look after our asses, in return for ………nothing. They do not ask nor expect anything from the cyclists but that the cyclists would listen and behave themselves, at the end of the day it’s for their own safety!

And to date, we are Blessed, accidents and bike jacking’s have been reduced due to the fact that drivers as well as cyclists are more careful around Motorcyclists with strobe lights and Neon Jackets!

And there is more….. I have even been told that one of the Marshals has been spotted out on the route marking potholes with spray paint! If only everybody was this caring and passionate in life….

From Helivac side, we would like to thank you and every one of you that wears the Helivac Marshal Jacket MUST know that we are proud to be associated with you.

So next time you drive past a motorcyclist wearing a Reflective yellow, red and blue jacket with Helivac Marshal written on it, give him a toot, smile and a wave and know you have just seen passed somebody special!

Thank you Helivac Marshals, we appreciate you!!

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