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Asthma attacks

April 23, 2011

 Good Day,

Asthma attacks usually induce panic within the sufferer as well as the people who are with the asthmatic individual. It is quite understandable why people initially panic when someone is having an asthma attack because seeing someone breathing difficultly and gasping for air is an alarming sight.

However, the asthmatic person having the attack as well as the people around him or her should try to avoid panicking because it will do more harm than good.

When people panic, they tend to be less logical and rational and they end up overlooking the simple and basic solutions to an asthma attack.

In case of an emergency, the first thing that people should remember is to stay calm and maintain a peaceful mind to give room for more sensible thought.

Children that are having emergency asthma attacks are usually hard to handle because they usually have a hard time understanding and expressing what is happening to them. Parents or guardians of asthmatic children must be keen and sensitive enough to know or sense when their child is already showing signs and symptoms of an asthma attack.

When this happens, the child must not be alarmed or provoked to panic; the parents or guardian must not show any sign of panic or alarm so the child can stay calm and feel at ease. Asthma attacks may happen anytime, anywhere, that’s why it’s always good to be ready and prepared, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

When someone is having an asthma attack, they can breathe easier when they are sitting up rather than lying down.

Do not ever make the grave mistake of making asthma patients lie down during their attack because it will only make things worse by making it more difficult to breathe.

If it’s your first time to encounter or help someone who is having an asthma attack, you should not panic because an adult patient usually knows how to handle his or her attack and you may just have to calmly ask him or her what you should do to help alleviate the effects of the attack. You can ask the patient where they are keeping their inhaler so that they can at least have a first-aid treatment while waiting for medical help.

Help patients use the inhaler. During an asthma attack, patients may be shaking, nervous or scared and that’s why you should really help them in using their inhaler. If at the time of the emergency attack, the patient has no inhaler with him or her, you can resort to using or borrowing someone else’s inhaler while waiting for medical help.

Doctors greatly emphasize that an inhaler is a very critical need during an emergency asthma attack.

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