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Emergency Tips

April 7, 2011


Good Day,

 Just a short note and some Tips on “what to do” in Case of an Emergency

 Poisoning and Overdosing
         1.  Stay with victim and assist as necessary
         2.  If choking, lower victim’s head

         1.  Check victim’s mouth and clear matter.
         2.  Use abdominal thrusts if trained to do so.

Fainting, Unconsciousness and Shock
        1.  Have victim lie or sit down and rest.

Heart Attack
         1.  Place victim lying down on back.
         2.  Give resuscitation or CPR if trained to do so.

Burns – Thermal and Chemical
         1.  Flood chemical burn with cool water
         2.  Cover burn with dry bandage.
         3.  Keep victim quiet and comfortable.

Fractures and Sprains
         1.  Keep victim still.
         2.  Keep injured area immobile.

Severe Bleeding and Wounds
         1. Apply direct pressure on wound (until help arrives) using a clean cloth or hand

N.B If Possible, call or send for HELP immediately!

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