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“Take Off”

April 5, 2011

Hi there Bloggers,

We are excited to be joining you in the Blogging World! We will endeavor to keep you informed, educated and entertained with the exciting world within and around Helivac.

We start this week with the Safety around a Medical Helicopter (or any other Helicopter)

Safety around a helicopter is extremely important. Here are a couple of points that people should bear in mind if they happen to be on an accident scene and the helicopter arrives:

  • No one should ever approach a helicopter without clearance from the pilot or medical crew on board.
  • NEVER approach a helicopter from the rear, where the tail rotor is located.
  • ALWAYS approach a helicopter in a slightly crouched position.
  • Only approach from the front where the pilot can clearly see you.
  • NEVER approach the helicopter while the blades are still turning.
  • Be aware that the helicopter might land on a slope and that the blades can droop down quite significantly causing a fatal accident.

A patient will always be flown to the nearest, appropriate, medical facility which is able to provide the best possible treatment for a specific illness or injury. This facility may be a private or a provincial hospital. This decision is taken by the flight doctor after the nature and severity of the patients’ injuries or illness have been carefully and thoroughly assessed. All patients are stabilized prior to flight and are comprehensively monitored in flight using advanced non-invasive monitoring equipment. The flight doctor and flight paramedic take stewardship of the patients’ care during the mission and hand over the patient to the receiving hospital medical team. 

Till the next time keep save!

“Time Saves Lives, Helivac Saves Both”

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