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“Time saves lives Helivac saves both”

November 26, 2012


Time saves lives, Helivac saves both

The vital moments between life and death can be measured in seconds, and Helivac is committed to ensuring that precious time is saved when transporting patients to hospital during a medical emergency.

26th November, 2012: Accident and trauma victims in South Africa no longer require complicated and time-consuming preauthorisation from medical aid providers in order to be transported and granted immediate access to private hospitals, thanks to an impartial and comprehensive service provided by leading emergency services provider Helivac.

Helivac CEO Jean Pierre van Tonder), highlights the fact that in most emergency situations, the majority of medical aids and emergency service providers will take the patient to the nearest hospital by road ambulance in order to save on costs.“The lives of Helivac members are placed in the hands of medical professionals and not a financial risk manager, as is commonly the case in the South African emergency services industry.”

Due to the fact that commissioning a helicopter is ten times the price of a road ambulance, van Tonder notes that the majority of medical aid providers seldom use this form of transport, even in critical medical emergencies. “There is also a high possibility that the patient will be taken to the nearest hospital, which is not necessarily a leading specialist in the particular treatment that may be required,” he continues.

Helivac is a complete emergency medical solution comprising affordable air medical transportation with advanced, rapid response medical care and state-of-the-art equipment for all members through a single emergency number: 0861 HELIVAC and our service providers.

Helivac is a unique emergency services provider, as the company does not have its own fleet of emergency vehicles, but instead utilises the services of every single emergency services provider in South Africa. Through a dedicated and centralised call centre, the company is able to ensure that all members are provided with the fastest medical care from the nearest paramedics available either by road, Helicopter or Fixed Wing Aircraft.

Helivac product developer Jean-Pierre van Tonder points out that if a Helivac member is in a serious trauma condition and meets the Helivac flight criteria, set out in print and online, they will be guaranteed transportation by helicopter. “Helivac is the only company in South Africa that sets its helicopter flight criteria out in black and white, providing customers with total transparency and the peace-of-mind knowing that they will be provided with the best-quality medical service in any emergency situation.”

Helivac is also the first company in the world to develop the revolutionary Helivac Assist software package – a centralised database that enables paramedics to access comprehensive member information using a personal digital assistant (PDA), or by contacting the Helivac Call centre

“Helivac Assist provides paramedics with swift and essential patient information based on any number of personal items belonging to the member, such as an ID book, cell phone number or car registration plate. The software works when the member uploads personal information online, which is available to the emergency services arriving at the scene,” van Tonder explains.

“Helivac Assist does not only save vital minutes in attending to the victim, it also provides additional relevant information, which includes; photographs for easy identification, medical aid details, allergies and next-of-kin details.”

What’s more, Helivac has also developed a unique ‘panic button’, which has been launched nationwide . “The Helivac panic button software will be loaded onto every Helivac client’s phone and, in the event of an emergency, they can hit a button which will relay their distress call to the call centre. From there, an agent will attempt to contact the member, who can be located via the built-in tracking device. If the member is not able to answer the call, an ambulance will immediately be sent to the site of the incident,” van Tonder continues.

Van Tonder points out that Helivac is ideally-suited to both private and corporate clients, with membership fees ranging R99 per person and below, depending on the number of members signing up to one particular account. “Helivac can provide unrivalled emergency medical services to large corporations in industries such as mining and logistics, where employees are exposed to daily hazards. What’s more, corporations with a large client base can also pass on the benefits of Helivac membership to their clients as part of a value-added service at minimal expense, as Helivac calculates its membership fees on a corporate sliding scale.”

He does; however, note that around 98 per cent of Helivac’s client base is family-based. “Helivac has developed a reputation of being a tried-and-trusted emergency services provider to South African families, and has assisted numerous families in emergencies that include accidents involving horse riding, hunting and everyday emergencies such as car, bike and running accidents.”

Looking to the future, van Tonder is confident that Helivac will continue to set the trend in providing world-class medical treatment to accident or trauma victims with an unsurpassed round-the-clock advanced emergency rescue service. “Helivac endeavours to ensure that it cuts out all unnecessary delays by accessing a countrywide network of ambulances, medical evacuation helicopters and highly-experienced medical teams. This commitment and dedication to members’ wellbeing puts Helivac at the forefront of emergency service delivery – a unique service offering that an increasing number of South Africans are becoming aware of.”

Van Tonder concludes by adding that Helivac is dedicated to uncompromisingly addressing the current South African emergency medical services situation and its present problems, while continuing to identify and address areas of improvement and contribution in the future.

Visit our website or contact one of our brokers for more info and assistance in signing up.

“Time saves lives Helivac saves Both”


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